Bold Lip & Liner

Bold & Lucious


Winged liner with a bold brow and lip is a timeless, glamorous look. A look we never tire of. With an elegant symmetry and equal focus on the eyes and lips in perfect balance.

Skin: Blend FlowerColor Natural Liquid Foundation over entire face and neck. Use FlowerColor Cover Up under the eyes and on any imperfections. Follow up with FlowerColor Face Powder.

Eyes: Pat on FlowerColor Shimmer Dust in Sun over your eye lid from lash line just up to the crease (but not in the crease). Using FlowerColor Soft Eyeliner Pencil in Velvet Draw a line from the outer corner of your lash line to the middle. Then draw a line from the inner corner of your lash line to the middle and connect the two lines to form one solid line. Create an end flick by drawing a short line at the outer corner of the lash line. It should be a short upward flick. Apply Deep Taupe FlowerColor Eyeshadow with an angle brush to define the bottom lash. Top lashes with two coats of FlowerColor Natural Mascara in Black. Define brows.

Cheeks: Trace cheekbone with FlowerColor Blush in Peach Rose starting on the apple of the cheek toward the hair line.

Lips: Paint a generous coat of FlowerColor Lipstick in Sangria over your lips. Keep the edges crisp by touching up with a little concealer after you apply the color.

Pro Tip: To bring more drama to the eyes add a few individual short false lashes to the outer corner near the flick.