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Pucker-up Buttercup: 5 Lips Trends to Update Your Look

Pucker-up Buttercup: 5 Lips Trends to Update Your Look">Posted on

5 Lips Trends to Update Your Look

Sometimes an Intelligent Beauty just wants to shake things up. If you're feeling that your look is the same old and you're ready to try something new, we've got some natural beauty ideas for you. Listen up Lovey, lipstick is one of the easiest ways to update your look from "I haven't changed my look since 1989" to "Hell, yeah! This is a hot new me of 2017!"

Sheer Love

Whether your regular go-to look is simple and natural or you prefer the subtle lip, a sheer lippie ought to find its way into your bag of tricks.  We recommend picking up a few of EB's Vitamin E Lip Smoothers so your whisper of color can match any daily mood. From sweet subtle shades of pink (Go Bare and Petal) to a hint of cooper and red (Spice and Rhubarb), these lippies moisturize and soften your lips while leaving a touch of color on your kisser with a dose of the most powerful Vitamin E on the planet. To really rock this look, treat your lips to a DIY exfoliation treatment once a week or so. The combination of these sugar scrubs and our Lip Smoothers will leave your lips soft and smooth. Sweet!

Sexy Stained

You're ready to step up the color while keeping it sort of natural. You're going for the look that says, "I was just born with these lush, red lips." We hear you and we've got the secret to pulling it off. First, focus on picking the right red. Red and berry hues are perfect for this look. Go with REDvelation, Claret Rose or Merlot FlowerColor Lipstick. Apply color to the lower lip. Now pull your lips inward (so they rub together) and pop them. This will transfer some of the color from the bottom lip to the top. Check to make sure there's full color on your upper lip and apply more color if needed. Grab a tissue and blot.  The blotting part is important. You want to remove the excess color and leave a stain behind. To make the color darker or to create your own special hue, add another layer or two of lipstick. Just remember to blot each time. 

Popsicle Twist

If you want a fun, flirty twist on the stained lip look, think popsicle. Think back to the last time you enjoyed a cherry or grape ice. If you took your sweet time, the fruit-flavored frozen treat stained your lips a bit darker in the center and, left a trace of color working its way to the outer edges. This lipstick look is a little like that. Grab your favorite FlowerColor lipstick and rub some of the color onto your index finger. Now press the color into the center of your lips. Using your ring finger, gently blend the color to the outer edges.

Matte Finish

Some days you want to sparkle and shine and some days you don't. Creating a matte lip look is as easy as coloring with a pencil. Use your favorite lip liner to fill your lips with color.  Next, use just a dab of lipstick or lip smoother on top. If you don't have a lip liner pencil in the color you're pining for, you can easily change any FlowerColor lipstick into matte sophistication. After applying your go-to shade of lippie, blot gently with a tissue and then brush on a light dusting of FlowerColor Face Powder across your lips.

Of course, when you are feeling the need for more pizazz, we've got Good for Your Gloss to jazz things up!

Hydrated and Highlighted

You want to pump up your pout? Creating full, plump lips is just a matter of tricking the eye. Start with smooth, supple lips; that means don't forget to be using those aforementioned, DIY lip scrubs! Before you address your lips, grab a brush and apply a bit of FlowerColor Shimmer Dust to the outside of your cupid's bow. That's the little space that dips slightly just above your lip. Now finish the look off with a sweep of clear Vitamin E Lip Smoother to hydrate your lips and give a soft sheen to them. If you want a little wisp of color, you can use our Go-Bare Lip Smoother. This simple trick instantly makes your lips look fuller. Go ahead, give it a shot.

Now tell us, Intelligent Beauty, what lippie look did you pick?  Snap a selfie sporting your favorite and share it with us on Instagram. Remember to tag @eccobellabeauty and use the hashtag #EBLippieLove.

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