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The Natural K-Beauty Skin Care Trends That We Updated for YOU

The Natural K-Beauty Skin Care Trends That We Updated for YOU">Posted on

We've got a Crush!

If you follow beauty influencers you know that K-beauty is a HUGE trend that you can't get enough of. K-beauty knows a thing or two about gorgeous skin and its latest trend is a multi-step skin care regime that you're going to want to adopt (with a few tweaks) for yourself.

Cleanse not once but twice
At the heart of the multi-step trend is the double cleanse. Let's cut to the chase; your face endures a lot during the day. From pollution, to the sun to your make-up; skin needs a good cleanse to get back to fresh and clean. The K-Beauty routine begins with an oil-based cleanser to remove make-up, bacteria, and pollution. The second step, washing with a foaming cleanser, will remove any traces of oil from step-1, plus lingering make-up, dead skin cells, sweat and remaining dirt.

Intelligent Beauties natural version: EB's Revitalize Organic Facial Treatment Serum first, massage in and then wash with the Deep Cleaning Gel it's packed with good stuff like essential oils from lavender, rosemary leaf and geranium, plus soothing aloe vera, coconut, and skin-loving VitaminCells. It has a gentle foaming action without drying the skin and assist in removing trace debris in the skin that the oil massage attracts and brings to the surface of the skin for removal.

Perk up with exfoliation
This important step in your routine will unclog your pores and slough off dead skin cells. In other words, don't skip the exfoliator if you want clear radiant skin. 

Intelligent Beauty natural version: Some exfoliants can be harsh and scrubbing the skin with them more than once or twice a week can leave your skin raw and irritated. Who needs that? EB's Natural Leave-on Invisible Exfoliant and Blemish Remedy, encourages a rebirth of new skin without scrubbing.  It also delivers a VitaminCell and a fruit, lactic, salicylic acid infusion to first resurface, then rehydrate. It's gentle enough to use daily.  It's best used at night after cleansing and washed off in the morning, to reveal radiant skin.

Tone it up
With multiple cleansing steps, your skin is ready for balance. Toner helps balance the skin's pH back to its beneficial acidic state to keep it clear and clean.

Intelligent Beauty natural version:  EB's Mist-on Toner Vitamin Spray is so clean and refreshing; you're going to want to set this step on repeat whenever you need a pick-me up throughout the day. One simple spray is a cascade of VitaminCells that restores the vitality to your skin. Our natural nutraceutical toner contains soothing, anti-aging aloe, organic apple cider vinegar and organic herbs, which add more benefits than you can dream of.

Essence, serums, boosters, masks and other treatments
The K-beauty trend can incorporate a variety of serums, treatments and essence with the purpose of targeting 'problem' areas or giving your skin a once-in-awhile special treat. In terms of process, these add-ons should follow the toner-stage of your routine.

Intelligent Beauty natural version: If you didn't spoil your skin with a luscious bit of Revitalize at the start, now's a good time to do it.  Add one drop of Revitalize Organic Facial Treatment Serum with one drop of water mixed together in to the palm of the hand and massaged into face and neck will help stimulate healthy skin cell renewal.

All eyes on you
Whether you want to banish dark circles or reverse the signs of aging, make eye cream a must-not-miss step in your skin care routine.

Intelligent Beauty natural version: The skin around your eyes is delicate. Be very careful what you use there. You want to find a natural, organic product like EB's Natural Eye Nutrients Cream. It contains a VitaminCells-rich formula that reinforces and replenishes the delicate skin around the eyes.

Lock it in
You're looking radiant right now. Let's lock in the moisture and bright, youthful glow with a hydrating sweep of moisturizing face cream.

Intelligent Beauty natural version:  Moisturizer is a must whether you're washing your face to kick off your day or just before you call it a night. Finding double-duty products that keep on working after you apply them is a plus. EB's Natural Age Antidote Day Skin Cream not only kisses your cheeks with a deep-penetrating powerhouse of VitaminCells, it also shields your beauty from stress, environmental aging, wrinkles and sun damage. At the end of the day, EB's Natural Night Rebuilder Cream will rejuvenate your skin while you sleep with its VitaminCells enriched formula.

Sun-kissed with care
K-beauty's last step is to apply some form of sunblock to protect your beautiful skin from the damaging effects of the sun. 

Intelligent Beauty natural version: The oft-repeated fact by so-called experts that the sun causes wrinkles and skin cancer, moves personal care companies and consumers to the extreme, when a balanced approach is smarter….and less stressful! (You can read more about our thoughts on the sunscreen craze here: Are You Fueling This Health Craze?) 

Combining products like our Natural Age Antidote Day Skin Cream and our Natural Liquid Foundation (both with Ecco Shield) helps protect the skin from the effects of the environment. They have a non-chemical, non-nano shield of titanium and stay out of the bright sun all day, or cover up with clothing and a hat, and you're good to go!

What do you think, Gorgeous? Ready to adapt the skin-care craze with a natural, organic, nutraceutical twist? Give it a shot and relish the fresh, youthful glow you're going to rock. Just make sure you snap a selfie and share it with us on Instagram. Use the hashtag #EBDoubleCleanse! Be sure to tag us @eccobellabeauty.

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