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Follow EB Ambassador Glenda Pietri's Journey to the Altar

Follow EB Ambassador Glenda Pietri's Journey to the Altar">Posted on

Glenda Pietra - Briode To Be

With love and joy we are announcing that Ambassador Glenda Pietri is getting married on 11/24/2018 off the coast of Venezuela, Margarita Island.

“Thank you for following my journey to the altar. I really love Ecco Bella Skin Care products. They are made of nutraceuticals protected by liposomes to provide extraordinary results! They actually recharge your skin with a youthful, healthy glow. I recommend it to every bride who is getting married. Once you’re ready to start making your wedding dreams a reality follow their Ultimate 8-Week Bridal Beauty Timeline and My 4-Week Skin Care Routine.” - Glenda Pietri, EB Brand Ambassador

Creating Sally's Pollinator Garden

Hey there, it’s Sally Malanga, founder of Ecco Bella and I just wanted to share a recent labor of love with you. My eco-friendly pollinator garden. I live in West Orange, New Jersey, a busy suburban town close to New York City. Our home has a big lawn, but a lawn is a monoculture field that [...]

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Saving the Planet with Vegan Beauty

There's more to cosmetics than meets the eye, not every tube of lipstick, powder compact, or bottle of perfume is created equally. Living a cruelty-free lifestyle involves more than just what you eat; everything you use on your body matters as much as what you put in it. Ingredients Matter Many of the chemical components found [...]

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Follow EB Ambassador Danielle Leiner's Journey to the Altar

We’re happy to announce EB Ambassador Danielle Leiner and Tommaso Chiarini’s marriage on the 4th of August, 2018 in Arezzo, Italy! “Thank you Ecco Bella for such great product. I am following the Ultimate 8-Week Bridal Beauty Timeline and Glenda's 4-week skin care routine and my results are amazing. My face is [...]

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Ingredient Meet & Greet: The Science Behind CoQ10

As a Natural Beauty, you recognize the power of plant-based ingredients to boost your heath. By now, you also recognize that many of the same nutraceuticals you consume for health benefits are also great for your skin. One of those is CoenzymeQ10, or CoQ10 for short. What is it? Your body naturally produces the antioxidant [...]

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Ingredient Meet & Greet: The Science Behind Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a ubiquitous and popular vitamin for skin care, yet we all need to be taking much more of it. Derived from fruit, this powerhouse promotes collagen production, protects skin cells and supercharges its pal vitamin E so that it too can work more effectively. That’s just the highlight [...]

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Ingredient Meet & Greet: The Science Behind Beta Carotene

The same component that gives carrots their rich orange color can do wonders for your skin. Beta carotene a precursor to vitamin A, makes your skin look younger, healthier, and more radiant. That’s why it’s one of the super nutraceuticals we include in our VitaminCells Skin Care products. What is it? Beta carotene is [...]

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Relax, Revive and Rejuvenate with the Essential Oils found in Revitalize Serum

Whether it’s the usual suspects on your to-do list or a new set of demands on your time and energy, you’re ready for a break. That doesn’t mean, of course, that your schedule can afford the down time for a getaway. So, what’s a tired, stressed Intelligent Beauty like you to do? Grab a [...]

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Four DIY Sugar Scrubs to Spoil the Skin You’re In

Let’s cut right to the point. You deserve to be pampered. You are an Intelligent Beauty who’s looking out for our planet and all that lives upon it. We love you for it and we want to help you unwind. We also know that you’re keen on exfoliation. You understand the [...]

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Get the Blues: Four Eye Looks to Rock Blue Liner

Want to add more sizzle to your day? Amp up your eye makeup by swapping out your everyday earthy-hued pencil for a spark of blue. Here’s how to achieve a sophisticated fashion “do” and keep it from turning into a bad 80s fashion “don’t.” Try these four looks with the EB Soft [...]

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