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The 1 FUN Thing You Can Do To Save The Earth

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Regenerative Agriculture

The 1 FUN Thing You Can Do To Save The Earth

Intelligent beauties respect the planet. So what's a girl to do when you know there's more to being gorgeous than the latest hot lipstick hue and the perfect sweep of eye shadow? Make conscious buying choices.  When you purchase Ecco Bella products you are honoring yourself and the environment. We, as a company, support regenerative agriculture.

What is Regenerative Agriculture?
Recognizing that our planet does not offer infinite resources, regenerative agriculture takes on the responsibility of improving the soil and the environment. Practitioners focus on farming methods that regenerate and revitalize the land they work, rather than destroying or depleting the soil. To quote the Rodale Institute, "It is a holistic systems approach to agriculture that encourages continual on-farm innovation for environmental, social, economic and spiritual wellbeing."

Why is Regenerative Agriculture important?
Traditional farming methods are rapidly destroying the soil through decarbonization, erosion, desertification and pollution. Without a change, our food supply will offer diminished nutrition, as well as the loss of important minerals. That, in turn, will have negative repercussions on public health. Even worse, our deleted land may not be able to support the volume of growth required to feed the Earth's population. If that doesn't convince you of the value of regenerative agriculture, failing to adopt practices that replenish the Earth's soil may also result in the continued loss of biodiversity and could exacerbate global warming.

What's an Intelligent Beauty to do?
Ok, so you're not a commercial farmer, but that doesn't mean you don't have influence. First, learn all you can about Regenerative Agriculture and what happens if it doesn't become mainstream practice. A great resource for information is Regeneration International.  Arm yourself with information and then educate others.
Remember that every purchase you make sends a message. Support socially responsible businesses. The team at EB, as an example, puts an activist eye on every detail of our products. Intelligent Beauties like you make it possible for us to focus on making ecological choices in our product ingredients and packaging. Because of you, we can collaborate with eco-entrepreneurs and leave the lightest footprint as we create the most splendid products.
Every small purchase we each make, including what to use on our bodies or what to eat, affects not only us, but the entire planet. Your choice to support natural and organic beauty deserves a little celebration! Snap a pic of your favorite way to show the Earth a little love and share it with us. Don't forget to tag us on Instagram with @eccobellabeauty and use the hashtag #EBEcoBeauty.

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