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Autumn Hot Lip Gloss Colors


As the weather gets cool, your lips will be getting hotter this fall.

It is the crisp autumn air that turns our attention to how the light makes the colors of autumn leaves so rich. It's the deep, lipstick shades in plums and reds in their bold, dramatic hues that we reach for. With these 5 tips , anyone can pull off fall's hottest lip colors.

  • Dry chapped lips and dark shades don't mix. With Ecco Bella, you can skip the lip balm by selecting a multi-tasking lipstick that thinks it's a lip balm, like our FlowerColor lipsticks. For autumn, select shades Merlot, REDvelation and Primrose. If you prefer the pure, shiny rich texture of lipgloss, choose Good For You Gloss in Passion or Power.

  • Before you apply those rich, creamy colors, get your lips ready with an Ecco Bella Natural Soft lip liner close to your natural lip color or your chosen lipstick and gloss. Start drawing at the Cupid's Bow, that peak in the center of your upper lip. Trace the outer part of your lips. This outline will keep your bold color right where you want it. Even better, color in your entire lip with the pencil to create a base for lip color that will last twice as long!

  • Grab a lip brush. Using a brush gives you more control to follow the natural contour of your lip than applying straight from the tube. The brush will also help you work the color into those small crevasses for more even, lasting coverage.

  • Experiment with your layers to achieve different looks. More layers equal darker, more saturated colors. Layer different hues to create your own personal signature shade.

  • Here is another combination you won't see on anyone else's lips: Plums like Ecco Bella Merlot lipstick topped with Power gloss; or reds like REDvelation, and Primrose lipstick with Passion lipgloss. Complete the look with neutral eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and a little hint of blush.

We want to see those lush, autumn lips! Take a photo of your perfect fall pout and share it with us on Instagram. Use the hashtag #EBlips! Be sure to tag us @eccobellabeauty.

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