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​4 Steps to the Smoldering Smoky Eye-The Natural Way


The sexy, smolder of a smoky eye has become as ubiquitous as the little black dress. But we have an idea to create it in bronze!

If you haven’t perfected the dramatic style, let’s talk. As sophisticated as this classic trend looks, it’s easy to create if you’ve equipped yourself with Ecco Bella FlowerColor, flower wax infused natural makeup.

Intelligent Beauties know that the delicate skin around the eye deserves some TLC. You’ll want to use natural eye makeup made of ingredients that glide on smooth without pulling and tugging. The Ecco Bella Natural Soft Eyeliner Pencil in Bronze is a fabulous choice. In fact, coupled with a shadow brush, in two minutes you will be boasting a smoky eye with these quick steps.

  1. The secret to your smoky eye staying put is the base. FlowerColor Cover Up and FlowerColor Natural Liquid Foundation applied to your eyelid and beneath your eye creates a smooth even base.

  2. Using the Bronze Soft Eye Liner Pencil LINK, heavily line your upper and lower lashes. Apply the bronze smoky color in the crease of the eye as well.
  3. Grab your shadow brush and fan out the eye liner.
  4. The gorgeous bronzed smoky eye is highlighted by lush lashes. Complete your look with FlowerColor Natural Mascara in black. That’s it! A look no one else has, totally natural and beguiling. Give it a try! Take a photo and share it with us on Instagram with the hashtag #EBsmokyeye. And be sure to tag us @eccobellabeauty.

The Natural Beauty Gurus give you the key to fresh, youthful skin. A special kind of exfoliation.

If your skin care routine does not include exfoliation, you’re missing out on important benefits! Our bodies continually produce new skin cells to replace those that naturally die off. But this process slows down and dead cells begin to layer, leaving skin dull and dry. The build-up can also clog pores, which leads to blemishes and acne. Exfoliation removes these dead [...]

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Allow Your Beauty To Blossom, Naturally

No one can argue that flowers are one of the most beautiful creations on this wondrous planet of ours. Flowers are often used to describe the beauty of a woman. Flowers inspire some of the most captivating songs and poetry of all time. Here at Ecco Bella, we have discovered one of nature’s best kept [...]

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Protecting You From The Dangers of Microbeads

At Ecco Bella, we believe that a natural beauty company should only use safe, natural ingredients which make for the absolute best quality skin care. But just as what we put on our skin penetrates into our bodies, it also has an impact on the environment. This is why we prioritize ingredients that are safe [...]

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Lip Smoothing Healthy Goodness

When it comes to multi-purpose, high-performance beauty essentials that are crafted with naturally beneficial ingredients, Ecco Bella keeps the council of our best customers in mind. Our luxurious Vitamin E Lip Smoothers are one of our best sellers, and that's because they are a beauty staple for all seasons. Think of these little gems as [...]

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The Power of VitaminCells-Enriched Skin Care

The more you know about our VitaminCells-enriched Skin Care, the more beautiful you become. Special Offer for Ecco Bella Anti-Aging, Anti-Blemish Skin Care

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Bring Out Your Summer Beauty With Our Beach Shadow Collection

It's Beach Season, and before we grab our towels and head for the Sun and Surf, we wanted to leave you with the perfect Sumer collection. That's why we at Ecco Bella are celebrating Summer with a collection inspired by our favorite Summer getaway – the beach! Specifically, we took cues from the soft, [...]

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Discover sun protection and hydration in one perfect product.

Sun protection is a hot topic these days, and with good reason. Those blissful rays under which we love to bask are getting more powerful and harmful each year. Protection is key for beautiful skin. What if you could get natural sun protection and anti-aging benefits in one clean, safe and truly effective product? What if [...]

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Discover A Gorgeous Way To Better The Planet

At Ecco Bella, we celebrate Earth Day joyfully, but we also subscribe to a unique philosophy; we believe every day is Earth Day, and that it should not be treated as a trend or a bandwagon. It can be difficult and frustrating to navigate the waters of greenwashed brands and products who abuse trendy terms [...]

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How do Ecco Bella products Better Your Beauty night & day?

With spring in full swing, you may find yourself digging in the dirt and using your hands more often. If you're like us, you celebrate the season by gardening, but whether you have a green thumb or not, Winter bids a long, drawn-out goodbye, often leaving our hands dry and chapped. For hands as soft [...]

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