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Real Beauty Says No to Taking From Animals


From the Elizabethan-aged lead-based “Mask of Youth” to corsets and a slew of weirdness in between, women have turned to some odd, and often times dangerous things in the name of beauty. Some trends, however, move beyond ‘odd’ and land firmly in the realm of outrageous and cruel.

For example, in Singapore a new line of drinkable cosmetic products has launched. The company boasts that Qiaohou Miracle Essence is a drinkable product that uses natural ingredients which do a better, safer job at making you beautiful than chemical components. Don’t let them fool you. This bizarre concoction uses “edible” birds’ nests as a primary ingredient.

Of course, this so-called drinkable cosmetic is hardly the first to take from another living being in the name of beauty. It’s just the newest entry into the realm of animal cruelty disguised as Fountain of Youth. It ranks up there with snake massages, sheep embryo injections, and animal collagen powdered drinks, to name a few.

There’s nothing beautiful about taking from animals that which we have no right to take. True beauty shows compassion for all living beings, which means ingredients that are derived from animals have no place in your make-up bag, your spa treatments, or in your drinkable cosmetics.

We’re sure the idea of drinking a nest or filling your laugh lines with the connective tissue of a fellow mammal (collagen) makes you a little squeamish just based on ick factor alone. Now consider exactly how those ingredients found their way into such products. Free-range, grass-fed, and all those other innocent sounding adjectives companies use to try to convince us the harvested animals were happy and willing to part with what’s taken from them belie the inhumane process that’s involved. It’s simple. No living creature should have to give up its life, its home or any piece of itself for your beauty quests.

You’re better than that.. You know that your beauty products can be natural, organic, and cruelty-free.

We built Ecco Bella to celebrate our gorgeous customers and the wonders of nature. We also created our company to offer a more beautiful, healthy, compassionate alternative to the ugliness of animal testing and animal-derived ingredients in other cosmetics and skin care products. We’re sure you agree; after all, you’re an exceptional person, an Intelligent Beauty with a preference for natural, organic, and cruelty-free products. And we love you for it!

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